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Those two things + some vulcanized rubber

Simple. Informative. The subject of the article you are about to read. All these things can be fairly said about Wraps & Apps, a new St. Paul mobile eatery whose straight-ahead approach to names is mirrored by its look: plain white paint and basic stenciled lettering. A one-man show is almost impossible to sit through -- wait, he's playing every character? Like, he's his mom, and then he's himself again?, the truck's food is a bit more exciting though, infusing "passion and creativity" into:Wraps, of course: They dish standards like clubs and buffalo chicken, but more off-kilter yum includes hand-pulled smoked pork, a bacon wrap with10 slices slathered in bacon-infused Miracle Whip, and a pasta wrap, about which no one cares, because Lord did you see that one with the bacon?Fancy Desserts! Apps: Meanwhile, the catch-all "app" category's got hand-battered jalapeno bites, buffalo chicken bites, onion rings, and a 1/4lb hot dog topped with pulled pork and fried egg called the "Loaded Dog", also the name of Snoop's banking app.There's also an array of breakfast, like a "Stack O' Pancakes", a breakfast sammie wrap, and your choice of meat in a one egg "Om-Little", which is actually frustratingly clever, meaning this is the end of the article.