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Like a Netflix for home-cooked meals

Do you ever crave delivery food, but wish it wasn't so damn easy? Well too bad, because even though Blue Apron delivers the pre-portioned ingredients necessary to cook yourself three not-horrible-for-you-yet-somehow-not-horrible meals a week, their recipes are actually easier to follow than the person taking your order at Hunan Kitchen.Currently serving the Northeast (but launching nationwide soon, so sign up now to find out when they're hitting your hood), each shipment comes with enough locally sourced, "premium" fresh ingredients to serve the # of people you want to feed, along with illustrated step-by-step cards for dishes you can make in 35mins, because... being able to market them as "30-minute meals" would have been too easy?They'll work around your dietary restrictions, but current highlights include Lamb Bolognese & Pappardelle, BBQ Cornish Game Hen, and even Sweet Miso Cod, which would just be Miso Cod if it weren't so damn easy.