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The Joy of (E-)Cooking

Published On 03/13/2012 Published On 03/13/2012

Looking for a live web-cam loaded with bangers but not hosted by one? Then check out ChefHangout, a saucy new portal loaded with cooking classes all organized by cuisine, meeting time, and instructor, which could be any of two-dozen vetted, global chefs. Deposit a modest fee via PayPal and you'll get a list of ingredients & instructions to get you prepped for class, meaning all you have to do is throw on your favorite thinly-veiled-sexual-innuendo theme party shirt from sophomore year and sign in via Google+ to get cookin'. You'll find something worth taking if...

... you want to kill the prime minister of Malaysia, but only with outdated Zoolander references like that one, 'cause your cooking will provide fortifying nourishment after taking Introduction to a Malaysian Pantry, Oodles of Noodles 1, and Malaysian Dessert Shop 1.

... you want to kill the prime minister of Malaysia, but for real, with the skills you learned in either Basic Knife Skills or All About Knives!

... you're taking online cooking classes for the human interaction, certainly the case for those signing up for their totally unscripted Friday Night Fridge Finds.

... you like balls of dough filled with stuff, otherwise you'll probably be disappointed you ended up here while looking for web-cams loaded with Asian Dumplings.