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Dining in, made easy

While convenient, ordering in all the time can be tiring, or so it would seem judging by how out of breath the dude who shleps your pad Thai up six flights always seems. Giving the delivery man a much needed respite: the ante on other recipe discovery engines, establishes your tastes and cooking skills via a series of multi-choice questions, and lets you whittle results further based on your available time and ingredients, preventing a scenario in which you're only mad about saffron because you don't have any. First, take the 10-question "quiz", answering questions about what famous chef you would most want to dine with, and whether you're a pro or your microwave's your "best friend", in which case you're both insanely hungry and insane.Once finished, the site'll tile sexy photos of ideal recipes -- curated from "top food bloggers and publishers" -- that you can filter by prep time, cuisine, core ingredient, and "dish type", from exotic braised noodles w/ chicken & veggies, to bacon-wrapped filet, to jerk chicken, something the delivery guy will no longer have to mutter every time your order rolls in.