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Whip it up: red-hot recipes for the grill

Summer isn't quite here yet, and with Rachel Bilson killing it on Hart of Dixie, you'll probably have to wait even longer for the OC's comeback. Thankfully, you can still BBQ away your sorrows, and to help get you started, we tapped an impressive lineup of grilling gurus from across the US of A (and, in one case, The Pond) for their top recipes, presenting them in the most mouth-watering way possible: with Smell-O-Vision lots of pictures!If you've got hungrier eyes than Eric Carmen, hit up said 'Que U and check out step-by-step breakdowns for everything from a Top Chef All-Star's spicy Vietnamese chicken slaw sandwich, to an Iron Chef competitor's white-BBQ-sauced ribs, to enough ways to cook bacon that your own Hart will beg for a cardiothoracic surgeon.

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