Food & Drink

Here're the five biggest openings of the year -- feast on it!

La Birreria: Soon to be the crown jewel of Eataly, this rooftop brewery and beer garden has brought in expectedly heavy hitters to put together a lineup of food and drink befitting what they claim is the "highest brewery in the states"...more

Sons of Essex: Sons of Essex is a true neighborhood noshery in every sense of the word, charging local-friendly prices while painstakingly evincing the area's history as a cultural melting pot in both its menu and its decor...more

Saxon + Parole: From the same Michelin-starred team behind former inhabitant Double Crown, S+P brims with equine-inspired rustic-ness including a fireplace'd dining room, a wooden bar backed by vintage cabinetry, and a downstairs wine room...more

Whitehall: Officially making the Highlands/Mary Queen of Scots duo a triumvirate, WH shifts their theme a bit South, being named for a British road and copping the aesthetics of London's "green gardens and train stations"...more

Nitehawk Cinema: A two-level, semi-industrial complex with a bar/cafe on the ground, and, on floor 2, three art-house-leaning theaters and a boozy lobby...more