An underground brisket club gets a home

The brainchild of the meat-saint who started underground beef-guild Brisketlab (after dragging a smoker that didn't ride evil jet skis for Dennis Hopper from Texas to NY), currently in-the-works BrisketTown's going to be an extended pop-up hell-bent on providing his traveling brisket parties with a fully built-out restaurant home

Lab's goal remains: creating the hands-down best Texas-style brisket in NYC (they're coming for you, chick from the Daisy May's commercial!), accomplished via a 22hr smoke that leaves the meat with a sharp flavor "that mellows and sweetens over time", plus a melt-in-your-mouth interior set off by a crispy, slightly burnt exterior bark. Town's also throwing some focus on sides (heirloom tomatoes, red cabbage/mint slaw...) and alternate proteins like ribs and Texas-style beef sausage w/ "snappy crunchy casing" ready to burst with fats and juices, and its scientific approach will also be applied to ultra-traditional pie flavors, so while there won't be any "cardamom, gooseberry, or fennel foam", there will be, with apologies to nicely curtained windowsills everywhere, "the best blueberry pie you've ever had"

So here's the deal about getting this stuff in your life: Town won't be open for a few months, but just like Lab it'll be doing limited production runs, and will only accept select numbers of meat-heads. Which means you need to register right now to ensure your spot on line, because missing out on this would be a disaster not even Kevin Costner and $175 million could create.