A deliciously down and dirty Bmore eats haven

While popular things based on Baltimore tend to be pretty Bunk, that's not the case with Lake Trout, a fried-stuff dive from the team behind Fette Sau, St. Anselm, and Spuyten Duyvil, who decked it out with Bmore-'hood-repping graffiti and blown-up Orioles and Colts cards, which are also at risk of disappearing in the middle of the night

The seafood-based menu is highlighted by the namesake dish of two or three whole, skin-on whiting filets that're fried up in a special flour/crackers mix to make them "super crispy", popped on top of sliced potato bread, and covered with the greater DC area's famed Mumbo sauce, which is basically half hot sauce/ half duck sauce, will cause Mr. Phillips to sleep with Peggy. The rest of the menu features similarly lowbrow tastiness like chicken wings that get soaked in buttermilk & hot sauce before frying, a fish filet sandwich topped w/ sauce made from Velveeta, pickled jalapenos, and beer, as well as Western Fries, which was Al Bundy's headline when Nick Nolte burned the school down in Blue Chips after teaching that kid a one-handed jumpshot are basically "chicken fried potatoes"

And since Natty Boh isn't distributed here, brew options run from Genny and Ballantine to 21st Amendment Back in Black and other craft cans, so there'll be plenty of drinks with Bubbles that'll make you McNutty.