Flatiron's Peruvian Paradise

Experimenting with a new drink can be risky, but if you paid attention to that kind of talk, you wouldn't be basking in the glory of Beast Light. Experimenting with every brand of Peruvian pisco legally allowed in the US: Raymi

A collab between a big-time Peruvian chef, a few holdovers from previous tenant Nuela, and Richard Sandoval (Tequileria Maya, Zengo...), this temple to the grape-based spirit is anchored by a ceviche bar covered in hand-laid tiles, which separates a communal table from the glass-enclosed dining area and its Peruvian loom installation (you can still loom at the bar)

Labels are split between top-shelf Mosto Verde styles, blended Acholados, and beginner Quebrantas, whose "neutral backbone" provides the structure for 30 house-infused flavors, from tangerine, to ginger, to the "Peruvian Kool-Aid" known as Chicha Morada, whose purple corn base will definitely get things poppin'

Those wanting to literally mix things up can grab a traditional sour, as well as a namesake mango/passion fruit/spicy aji amarillo concoction topped off with pisco sour foam, and the wide ranging lychee/muddled strawberry/mint Diverse, which can be appreciated even without hours of training during Freshman year

Oh, and as for the eats, that ceviche bar's serving up drumfish covered in "tiger's milk" and Chinese-influenced wild salmon w/ sesame oil, while the kitchen's handling traditional fare like a beer-infused Peruvian risotto w/ duck & scallops, which sounds like it'll make you anything but a light beast.