Sushi burritos and a rooftop bar

Lagging behind "cold" in research dollars, but topping it in deliciousness and number of sushi burritos, Mexican-Asian fusion is what you'll be taking down at this slick bamboo-gardened spot from the team behind Crema. It features a bright red dining room with shloads of flowers grabbed from the surrounding flower district (yes, that), a Mondrian wall, and Asian umbrellas, which we can actually all expect to be under very shortly.Fuse your stomach w/ a trio of "sushi burritos", basically gigantic maki rolls made with flour tortillas instead of rice and seaweed, and filled with stuff like plantains, pomegranate teriyaki & cumin aioli; big eye tuna, chorizo & wasabi aioli; and surimi, seaweed flakes, jalapeno-cilantro aioli & salmon crusted w/ sesame, which Mitt Romney will cut right out of this menu, Jim Lehrer!! If you're the kind of inhuman monster who goes to places with Asian burritos and doesn't order Asian burritos, they've also got cotija & Peking duck crackling tacos, dumplings packed w/ chorizo & goat cheese, a chorizo burger w/ wasabi aioli, kimchi & a fried egg, and the Mexican truffle & cashew Devil Corn Chow Fun.You can also grab drinks at Dragones, their year-round rooftop bar that serves a Chinese chili oil & tequila-based Bloody Maria, and a caipirinha-esque number made with cachaca, acai liqueur & dragonberries -- both worth trading in your own dollars for the chance to research.