You won't be able to see anything

People do all kinds of things to heighten an experience, requiring you to wear platform shoes all day just to crush the new Green Lantern coaster at Great Adventure. Heightening the experience of eating in a non-vertical way: Dining in the Dark.

Coming to NYC for the first time, this West Coast edible experience was inspired by an "ingenious European concept", and's exactly what it sounds like: a five-course prix fixe dinner held in complete darkness, plunging you "into a world of sensitivity you have never experienced before", unless of course you've already been through menopause. Oh c'mon, stop crying, it was a joke! Upon arrival you'll be shepherded into a fully lit reception room, where you can opt to peruse the classic and vegetarian menus that The Breslin's chef has prepared for the night, though to fully appreciate the experience they recommend you go into the dark without knowing what'll be served (spoiler: it's going to be your taste buds!). Once ushered into the pitch-black dining room (which you'll never have the privilege of seeing in the light), you'll be expertly guided through your "journey of taste" by a highly trained team of legally blind and visually impaired servers, who no longer need to look for work.

While it's a relatively short run, they plan on hosting four seatings each evening, and if things go well they might even tack on one more dark night, which, unlike the one at Six Flags, won't require you to wear man pumps.