A subterranean cafe with killer sandwiches

Because busting a move is best done with a grinder, hit up Dancer, a new bar-cum-sandwich-cafe named for the owners' artist collective, a dance-focused troop the NY Times described as "young women in mostly trashy, mostly white underwear". Mmmmm... artist collectives. Squeezing a smattering of tables in between the various trees and hanging plants, the space's jungle vibe also shrouds a formica bar with a zig-zag design inspired by the cover of Duran Duran's "Rio". Mmmmmm... Duran Duran

Assuming you're Hungry Like the Wolf, the "multi-instrumentalist" chef (Egg, Roebling Tea Room...) is launching lunch service with locally sourced, Med-fluenced eats that include a murderer's row of sandos: Gruyere & cheddar grilled cheese, feta-topped egg salad on a hulking, crispy ciabatta, and heritage salami w/ arugula & olive oil on baguette-like garlic toast that's sure to make you bulbous. Once in the swing of things, they'll be serving a full dinner menu that's heavy on crostinis and composed plates, an exclusively Old World selection of vino because "we're snobs that way", and seasonally inspired cocktails incorporating ingredients from the menu (e.g., a marg made w/ the very blueberries used in the salads) for those seeking a true liquid lunch

Rounding it out, there's an even subterranean-er basement event space that'll host everything from performance art, to improv comedy, to "ambient electronic music", though after eating all those sandwiches you might end up grinding with yourself.