Food & Drink

Lobster rolls and oysters to go in the LES

Opened by the guys behind Nantucket-themed neighbor Grey Lady, and hoping to be the best New England-style grab 'n go since that time you visited your boy Patrick at Trinity and totally jacked that Natty keg from Kappa Sig (so legendary, bra), DECS is slinging to-go sea-treats from a cozy space complete with a chalkboard menu, an on-display raw bar, and a counter made from refurbed barnwood

Thanks to the owners' connects in Maine/places in NE famous for things other than lobster, daily delivered seafood goes into joints like a battered fried clam roll made from a secret house recipe plus buttered lobster rolls in classic split-tops (daily delivered seafood definitely does not go into a New England style hot dog with natural casing "to give it some snap"). The case up front features an array of uniquely to-go rawness (Those benches in the middle of Allen St? Oyster benches!), including plates of Jonah crab claws and bivalves hailing from throughout the East Coast including Duxburys from Mass, Sewansecotts from VA, and New York's Montauk Pearls, which come back to their case in the Upper East Side from September through May

Because you've eaten your lobster roll and hot dog like a good boy, you can also grab homemade desserts including huge chocolate chip cookies and ice cream sandos, with a whoopie pie on the way, a New England-style treat that will eventually make you totally grab-able and unable to go anywhere.