Little Muenster

Classing up something that's fundamentally plain can cause a sensation, e.g., foie gras hamburgers, and Julia Roberts. Making grilled cheeses so awesome you'd sit through Runaway Bride just to get one: Little Muenster.Thought up by a presumably kick-ass couple, the sammies being cranked out at this diminutive dairy destination are from a chef with serious chops (Alta, The Vanderbilt, Lupa), and can be consumed in one of 13 seats surrounded by decor they describe as that of a "New England kitchen", so expect any pitchers to be loaded with beer. Worked up on the griddle (no panini press!) and readily made with bone marrow butter for a scant extra dollar, the bulk of the menu arrives on crusty, thick peasant bread, including worldly combos like Oaxaca string cheese w/ sweet corn puree, tomatillo & cotija; Iberico w/ anchovies, caramelized onion & sweet red pepper; and a pastrami/cumin seeds/relish with Gouda & Muenster, technically a Muenster Mash. There're also a few on French sourdough (Gruyere/chevre w/ leek confit & pancetta, Puzzone w/ speck & sage...), plus a classic white bread joint with tomato, bacon, and White American Singles, who wouldn't be so alone if they weren't so cheesy.Beyond the bread you'll find tomato soup, homemade sodas, and a mascarpone/ricotta dessert with either wild Maine blueberry jam or maple pumpkin butter, while those without time can nab "Tostabags" sporting unheated sandwiches for warming in the toaster, though make Eating them a habit, and you'll have to Pray for Love.