A below-ground sandwich shop in the LES

More underground than the clubs around the corner bumping Norwegian Cold Grind Disco (you don't know about Norwegian Cold Grind Disco? Damn dude.), Perfect Picnic's an LES mini-sandwich shop accessed by those metal doors on the sidewalk that you're always trying to walk around, because you heard that totally true story about a guy who fell through them that one time.Amidst lights strung around the Amalfi Coast-inspired entrance and tables for ten, you can get a fistful of mini-baguettes (either for lunch or latenight on weekends) filled with stuff like smoked duck w/ arugula & sour cherry compote or Biellese salami & "maybe the best cheddar ever" (a clothbound cabot, not a careless-with-firearms Bob), plus rotating seasonals like prosciutto w/ bleu cheese & pear, and "something with an unexpected pumpkin twist".The original Perfect Picnic on Clinton was a storefront outfitting you for exactly that -- picnics -- and since a good underground act always sticks to its roots, this one's slinging retail goods from crackers to meats, and they've also got lemonade and iced tea while they get their BYO license in order, at which point you will begin telling stories that are totally lies.