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Top Chef meets Fatty Crew, brings self-serve beer

Published On 09/20/2012 Published On 09/20/2012

After hopping around Southeast Asia to eat/learn/eat, Top Cheffer Leah Cohen is back in New York with Pig and Khao, a narrow, noodle-housey LES joint with slatted beams running along the wall and sometimes-communal tables below a badass, hand-carved (and actually used!), soapbox-derby-esque wooden dragon motorcycle, all leading to a trellised backyard hosting a self-serve tap for those who choose the $15 unlimited beer option like cool people

Small plates kick off with hanger steak & tempura poached egg, rice noodles w/ pork, shrimp, chicharron & crispy garlic, and a coriander & Sriracha oyster omelet, while a more truncated run of entrees involves a whole fried fish w/ lemongrass, kaffir & Thai basil, grilled lamb curry ribs w/ yogurt & roti chapati, and the Crispy Pata: pork leg w/ dipping sauces and pickled green mango... look out, Matt Damon, he's horny and has been drinking

They've also got a selection of canned brews and wine/soju cocktails including the P&K Manhattan w/ two vermouths, Angostura bitters, burnt orange, and cardamom, which would just be a thoughtful thing to do if they order the unlimited beer like a cool old person.

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1. Pig and Khao 68 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002 (Lower East Side)

Top Chef contestant Leah Cohen’s Filipino-Thai fusion restaurant on the Lower East Side is known just as much for its pork-centric menu as it is for its killer playlists. Pig and Khao’s menu is divided between small and large plates, and with fatty but delicious dishes like the Sizzling Sisig (cubed, salty nibs of pork head topped with a whole egg), you might want to consult your cardiologist before making your way to the narrow Clinton Street spot. A perpetually sick R&B playlist acts as a soundtrack to your meal, while drinks like the Bangkok Fire from the rye-focused menu complement it. Why quit while you’re ahead? End the caloric night right with Halo-Halo, a crowd-favorite dessert comprised of shaved ice, leche flan, ube ice cream, and toasted Filipino sweet rice.