A wing shack like no other

After opening eyes across the country with his passion for super-authentic Thai flavors, 2011 James Beard "Best Chef Northwest" Andy Ricker noticed that a) people look really weird with huge, wide-open eyes, and b) the Asian street wings at his original PDX spot were disruptively popular, leading him create Pok Pok Wing: a counter-service shack dedicated to 'em, and decorated with old records of Thailand's favorite music, so probably tons of "One Night In Bangkok". Ideal for local "pot smokers and drinkers", and based on one of the chef's hometown recipes, each piece of poultry perfection is marinated in fish sauce & palm sugar, deep-fried, then tossed in garlic and caramelized Phu Quoc fish sauce, so no doubt you'll be hooked...just like you are on all that pot people in Portland seem to know you're smoking! Pok's leaving room for possible specials, and there are at least a few wing-companiments: heat-alleviating sticky rice, coconut milk-cooked jasmine rice topped with "intensely flavored" sweet shredded pork, and a spicy bean/ tomato/ shrimp/ peanut salad made to order in a "giant mortar and pestle", likely the only grinding, crushing, or pounding anyone taking down tons of fish-sauced wings is going to see that night.To wash everything down they've brought with 'em full strength, variously flavored, handcrafted house drinking vinegars, a beverage usually only available in Iceland...or the Philippines...or Hastings...or...or this place!Photo credit: LifeAndFoodSeattle