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The Bistro Truck goes brick and mortar

Taking home food from the road is generally a bad idea -- it gets cold, it gets soggy, and if it's actually from The Road, it's a baby. Giving food from the road a proper home to eliminate all of those concerns: Rustic LES

Having driven the Bistro Truck around for the past three years, the team behind Rustic's laying down some roots, cooking up their Med-Moroccan eats in an ultra-cozy haunt with a small bar upfront, plus plenty of distressed wood and exposed brick, as once you've stabbed a dude, whipping it out's the least of your concerns

Kicking off with dinner, the bazaar of meaty delights will include their popular goat cheese lamb burger, chicken & lamb merguez on a Parmesan roll that's been slathered w/ bone marrow, bowls of braised rabbit pappardelle, and short ribs in red eye gravy, which may soon be black eye gravy if that short rib has a short temper

And because this place isn't you, and therefore needs some help finishing itself, you can help fund the final touches in exchange for "prizes" ranging from access to secret menu items, to a chair dedicated in your honor, to a private Summer party for you & 20 friends catered by the Bistro Truck, who hopefully don't have McCarthy on their mind when you request baby back ribs.