Athens comes to 2nd Ave

While most of the Greek plates in your life ended up getting smashed as soon as your fellow Sigmas did, Boukies is serving 'em with such class, even Tank would stop his keg stand and stare in hungered awe. Importing a famed chef from Athens, their tantalizing Grecian eats arrive in what feels like the modern-est of Mykonos dining rooms, with communal wooden tables lined w/ bistro chairs, exposed tin ducts, columns covered in old maps, and "pops of blue turquoise", no longer just found on a Tank's collar

With a name that translates to "small bites", the menu's "modern variations of authentic Greek fare" come through on meze including taverna-style fried cheese, bruschetta w/ cauliflower & smoked shrimp, pulled lamb sandwiches, and tiny fish quite literally described as "small fry", so you can totally kick its bass. Skewers are also in ample supply, from chicken w/ smoked tomatoes & arugula fennel salad, to ground lamb w/ mint yogurt, to shrimp coated in an orange honey chili ouzo marinade w/ Macedonian smoked eggplant, as if an eggplant stood a chance when Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt, Babylonia, and Persia all got totally worked

Should you require something large to fill you, call Tank you can feast on one of two mains that both come w/ Greek fried potatoes: marinated baby lamb chops, and grilled whole fish, two initiation rituals that you definitely don't want to be around for if the Sigmas are smashed.