A slightly hidden trip to Switzerland

No longer just a young Scandinavian girl who hates the Jets, Heidi is now also a fondue fortress from the surprisingly Swiss dude who brought you Hung Ry. Part of a serious one-two resto punch (we'll tell you all about the second punch tomorrow, so be sure to check on that, 'yhear?) hidden down an alley just off Bowery, Heidi's armed with outdoor tables and stringed bulbs, an open kitchen with a sushi-style bar, and a wall covered in mounted heads and antlers, so as to not buck any alleyway restaurant trends

The hearty, authentically Swiss food's anything but neutral, highlighted by a sourdough- & baguette-adorned cauldron of "always made fresh" fondue with garlic and a dry Swiss white wine which boasts three cheeses: Gruyere for stretchy consistency, Appenzeller for tang, and Vacherin Fribourgeois for ease of pronunciation and also creaminess. Because man cannot live on fondue alone, or at least really shouldn't, there's also smoked veal & pork sausage, another white veal link named for the St. Olma sausage fest ("Known for serving large sausages"... good work, guys!) complete with potato roti, and cool sliced brisket served carpaccio style

The tightly curated but impressive beer list includes offerings from the likes of Hovels, Locher, and BFM, plus two whites and two reds for under $20 a bottle, which just might be the best reason of all for suddenly not being able to see the Jets game.