A gallery with a fish shack

Eating at an art gallery is tough, as chasing down the guy with the mini steak sandwiches frequently ends with you standing next to an empty platter, stuck eating nothing but Cara-veggie-os. Like Baroque-oli. Hot Rococo? For an art gallery that also fills your casual eating desires: Hole Foods.A Summer-length (and possibly longer) pop-up in the now-defunct Meatball Factory space, Hole comes from The Hole gallery, who tasked former neighbors Bowery Beef to come up with Atlantic fish shack fare for the decidedly non-fish-shack surroundings: neon floor-to-ceiling street art of biomorphic shapes, crazy doll-like figurines, and fixtures that look like lightsabers, ensuring your meal doesn't end up on the dark side.Menu specifics will fluctuate constantly, but expect Summer seafood specialties including a plethora of oysters, chef's special fried fish sandwiches w/ tartar and cheese, surprisingly affordable whole lobsters, a po' boy-esque oyster hero, and a lobster roll stuffed with tail that, like the tail you pull, is seriously butter...ed.The bar program's highlighted by heat-tempering wines, and reps the full spectrum of beer, from cans of Schlitz and 21st Amendment's Hell or High Watermelon, to crafts such as Brooklyn Local 1, Chimay Red, Sixpoint Bengali Tiger, and Atwater Dunkel (goes well with dips!).But the action won't be purely culinary, as they plan on busting out some "special projects and performances" from artists, plus nights dedicated to bands like The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, though they may not be voluptuous enough if you prefer your women to look like Rubens.