Japanese-style hot dogs

Canada's biggest successes don't always make it below the border, a fact pretty much proven by the second, fatter half of Dan Aykroyd's career. For a Canadian hit that may have you eclipsing Dan's growth, hit Japadog.

First gaining notoriety as a cart on the actually mean streets of Vancouver, the Great White North's tubesteakhouse is coming to America to help build a Great Insert-Ethnicity-Here You, with grab-n-grub seating dispersed between a few stool'd counters surrounded by exposed brick, sleek wood, and more fast-food touches than a ball bit. Specialty dogs (sliced vertically for easier topping) include the staple Terimayo (100% beef w/ Japanese mayo, teriyaki, seaweed, and fried onions), the Oroshi (brat w/ soy sauce, daikon, and grated radish), the Yakiniku (sticky rice bun w/ a dog and shredded beef), and a chili-cheese-topped "arabiki" sausage known as the Love Meat, which stands as good a chance as any girl of breaking your heart. Those disposed to DIY can pile toppings onto links ranging from Kurobuta Pork to Smoky Turkey, while special "Shaked Fries" include NYC-only flavors (wasabi, black pepper...) and Canadian faves from seaweed-dusted Aonori, to Shichimi & Garlic and its seven different chili peppers, three of whom are presumably filling in for the last guitarist to fry out.

Because dogs aren't just for dinner, they've also got a dessert version in which three scoops of ice cream are laid out on fried dough, exactly the kind of Aykroydian eating habits sure to guarantee no one soon tries to make it below your border.