The East Village gets the city's first gastro-party bus

Driven by "fast women, fast cars, and good food", the beloved Filipino cuisine pioneers at Maharlika just opened Jeepney, a roadhousey East Village haven named after the army vehicles left behind in the Philippines that've since been awesomely tricked out much like the joint itself, which boasts a trellised garden out back, tons of bright colors, tin walls, and highly nuanced art depicting cockfights and naked Filipino pinup girls.They're taking the food that their mothers and grandmothers cooked alongside their own naked Filipino pinup girls, but're pushing it further to create "Bro's and Brews" w/ mashed white mountain yams alongside five-meat loaf (veal/ pork/ beef/ chorizo/ longanisa), the Chori burger topped w/ a skinless sausage in lieu of bacon, and a squid-ink-tossed noodle dish with "big ocean flavors" like oysters, octopus, shrimp, and the grandest sea creature of them all, chicharrones.Sixers of Asian and craft brews alike will get plopped down at your table at your table, as will a house sangria w/ chilis & the Filipino citrus fruit kalamansi; the white wine, elderflower & mint-tinged Ayala Ave that replaces bitters w/ bitter melon; and the Dr Pepper-inspired Cubao X w/ beer, almond syrup, black walnut bitters, and "freshly made orange Tang", the favored drink of people who love fast cars and fast women, and just happen to be named Buzz Aldrin.