The dell'anima guys go family-style

Offering family-style eating that doesn't require you to make excuses for why your girlfriend is constantly returning from the bathroom in an extremely chipper mood, L'Apicio comes from the team behind Anfora, L'Artusi, and dell'anima, and makes you feel like you're dining in the most modern cabin in history. Said feel's thanks to a fur rug and leather couches next to a live edge wooden bar, a dining room with butcher block tables, and a smaller room with a wine wall (like most cabins)

A chef who's worked in joints ranging from Le Bernardin, to Del Posto, to... Texas! The state in America, with the funny hats!... is turning out "Italian-inspired" plates (in either individual or family portions) that include octopus zeppoli w/ chili & celery, quail a la plancha w/ pumpkin seeds, or flatbread topped with prosciutto, watercress & an egg. Italian inspiration apparently yields pastas, including egg-dough tajarin w/ 'shrooms, and extremely rare, ring-shaped calamarata w/ pork meatball & lamb bolognese, as well as entrees like bronzino intero topped w/ chickpeas, duck sausage w/ sage & egg, and a mint pesto & gorgonzola-aided flank steak, which is what Louie Anderson mainly did back in 'Nam

The deep wine list marks the team's deepest foray into American options, and they've also got legit brews separated into categories like Sessionable and Draft, plus Quirky and High Octane, also how you describe your gf before and after trips to the little girls' room.