A Village fave does sandwiches

Since great sandwiches often require going out of your way, and sometimes another dude, the team from JoeDoe has opened up a nearby sibling slinging non-relationship-killing sandwiches, with vintage to-go touches including childhood tchotchkes, an old Coca-Cola sign serving as the menu board, and a "20thC Hoosier Cabinet bar" that sadly won't be filled with Shooters. The goods

The After-School Special: This utterly simple joint rocks white bread topped with mustard, fried bologna, and chips, because where fried bologna goes, Erik Estrada follows

The Brisket Sandwich: Using beef from Padgett Farms, this meaty beast is slathered with peppercorn mayo and piled with caramelized onions on a brioche roll from Tomcat, which is funny, because by the time Jerry O'Connell was in Tomcats, he was no longer filled with butter

The Conflicted Jew: No doubt earning its name from the fact that it will build a settlement inside of you and never leave, this piece mashes up chicken liver & onions with sacrilegious bacon and throws it on challah bread

The JoseDoe Cubano: Resting on an Italian-style hero, this take on Fidel's fave is loaded with housemade pickles, Swiss cheese, mustard, roasted pork shoulder, and shoulder bacon, and anyone with a group/hungry self to feed can have their catering wing deliver monster three- or six-footers done in "Classic (Italian) or Modern (Jewish, Mexican, or Asian) style", though the last time somebody convinced you to get "modern" you ended up with another Shooter.