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Fried chicken and unique grilled cheese in the East Village

Narrow East Village sleeve Tink's decor will make you feel like you're shrinking while its often-innovative food ensures the exact opposite: plates are covered with twisted comfort classics, while walls are adorned with giant pieces of silverware, a 2ft wine opener, and a clock that resembles a massive pocketwatch, so you can make the classic joke "is that a massive pocketwatch on your wall, or are you just happy to see me, because i'm going to spend money at your restaurant?"

Interesting takes on staples include a "Grown Up Grilled Cheese" w/ pickled pumpkin slices, gruyere, sharp cheddar, and the relinquishing of your ability to be a Toys R Us kid, pretzel-crusted fried chicken w/ chipotle honey, and braised pork butt w/ mole in their "Chocolate Pig Sliders". Slightly more straightforward stuff includes mac 'n cheese with your choice of lardons, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, or crab (or all of them!), Chinese five-spice pork belly, and ricotta gnocchi with Parmesan, cremini mushrooms & sage brown butter, whose advice is likely "put on more brown butter"

While the liquor license is pending, they've got a couple boozeless drinks you should definitely not pour tons of Malibu Island Melon into, including star anise sweet tea and 100% homemade cucumber lemonade with the "essence of mint".

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1. Tink's 102 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009

This East Village resto serves up American comfort classics in a whimsy environment, think grilled cheeses, mac n cheeses, and pretzel-crusted fried chicken.

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