24 hours of Cuba

New Yorkers are accustomed to getting what they want 24/7, but what happens when they want Cuban? Oh wait, that dude's always on TV! Giving you the food kind of Cuban 24/7: Coppelia.

Named for a Havana ice cream shop, this all-hours "traditional Cuban luncheonette" from the Toloache/Yerba Buena chef's outfitted Caribbean-style with a large marble bar sporting spinning stools, and a stained glass window separating the kitchen from a dining room set with rounded banquettes & booths that resemble the backs of '50s Chevys, though that doesn't mean they're convertibles. Island-inspired options start up with seven different egg dishes including the Omelet Coppelia (Manchego, roasted red peppers, serrano ham), Huevos Cubanos w/ potato croquettes & sweet plantains, and the Huevos Palomilla, served with rice, black beans, and pounded sirloin, a treatment that's usually reserved for skirts. Non-breakfast goodness is avail as well, from empanadas, chicken chicharrons, and spicy chocolate-glazed wings, to plates of Caribbean rum-glazed shrimp w/ mashed green plantains, Argentinian Parrillada (skirt steak, short rib, chorizo, sweetbreads), and beef- & cheese-stuffed Arepas de Pabellon, not to be confused with Arepas de Papelbon, which just stare at you all crazy until you retire the sides.

There's even a bountiful selection of sandwiches, including the roast pork chicarron/pickled onion/mojo Pan con Lechon, a rum-glazed brisket number w/ horseradish sauce, and a Cubano, about as much pig as you get in one place until the Mavs come on.