A '60s Americana diner with an Airstream and disco fries

Nostalgia for the American Dream seems to be thriving these days, which is weird considering that even in his prime Dusty Rhodes was totally B-list. Bringing the American Dream to a hood known more for Macho Men: Redwood Kitchenette & Bar.Managed by a MePa vet (MPD, the late Los Dados), and cheffed by an 'inoteca/Thistle Hill Tavern hotshot, RKB's a cheery corner diner whose floor-to-ceiling windows reveal a late-'60s-Cali interior: patterned turquoise banquettes, a wall-sized vintage photo of autumnal vacationers, and a bar housed entirely within a silver Airstream, a cheeky acknowledgment that Airstream inhabitants typically end up behind bars.Comfort food gets an "unexpected twist" starting at breakfast -- the Berkshire ham Monte Cristo has apricot jam & Camembert -- and they also have the modest goal of producing "the perfect donut", which'll presumably be down with watching you eat other donuts in front of it.Afternoon-friendly breadwiches include build-it-yourself grilled cheeses (smoked cheddar, goat, cheddar...), and a truffle aioli'd braised short rib baguette, while fork affairs count disco fries w/ fontina fondue & sage gravy, and buttermilk-fried/brick-grilled Chicken Two Ways, exactly how chickens are supposed to look if they ever want to make it across that road.Drinks are prominently in the mix as well, with local taps from Blue Point to Ommegang backed up by under-construction tipples like the Rebecca's Gibson, a mix of gin and the "chef's pickled shallot juice", though of course the American Dream cocktail is steroids.