Fried shrimp burgers in the house

Topping a burger is great, unless you're more of a burger power bottom, in which case, that's your business, and nobody here is judging you for it! For a burger that can be topped by those who so choose, hit TopBrgr.Opening up last Summer on the coast of Sheepshead Bay and quickly becoming a "high-end escape from the bland monotony that is the current South Brooklyn culinary landscape" (local pride!), Manhattan's newest fast-casual entrant feels like a chopper enthusiast's patty stand with its chrome and red color scheme. Char-grilling both 28-day dry-aged black Angus and California Kobe (apparently Shaq's departure didn't end his beef), the first tier of condiments includes basics and sauces like Peter Luger, wasabi, and Caesar. Follow those with "Super Toppings" including wiz, 'peno poppers & truffle oil, and "Super Duper Toppings" from beef chili, to red/black caviar, to deep-fried shrimp, a choice that will expose you as a no-filter feeder.And if a burger's not your thing, you're an a-hole you can redeem yourself by grabbing some spicy wings or a hot dog that's both deep-fried and butter-glazed, a preparation that will definitely make your bottom powerful.