Fried chicken, lamb burgers, and mac n' cheese below the High Line

They can't extend the High Line soon enough considering the walk you'll need after eating at tucked-under Willow Road, a casual "gastrobar" (NOT A PUB!!) put together by a team that includes the former exec chef of Cru, a Top Chef alum, the mixologist from Summit, and partners who formerly worked at places like Abe & Arthur's, Catch, and Tenjune

This ceiling above the dining room and bar pays homage to the building's past as a Nabisco factory with this old Triscuit slogan. Catchy, huh?! Doctors also used to endorse cigarettes

The dining room sits adjacent to the bar and open kitchen, and is backed by this massive mural of the neighborhood from an artist who's working on a project to paint literally every single building in NYC, and more importantly, is named James Gulliver Hancock

Hiding behind huge mirrors throughout the joint are 65in flatscreens

The bar's set up with tons of outlets and various phone holders. No, they don't have iPhone 5 cords. Stop asking, nobody has those just lying around

The menu's twisted Americana includes fried chicken w/ jerk spices, and these sumac aioli-covered lamb sliders with a "Mongolian or Southeast Asian" twist atop grilled Pullman loaf, which is often confused with Paxton loaf

You can also grab light and citrusy mac 'n cheese w/ sweet sausage, fennel pollen & lemon

Mussels come w/ kumquat butter and're done a la plancha to concentrate the flavors. Also, "eating the kumquats is encouraged"

Can you guess what this is? If you guessed the cheesiest, awesomest potatoes aligote ever (Comte cheese & potato puree), then you're some sort of weird potato genius, and also a lot hungrier than you were 30 seconds ago

Celebrate your bizarrely accurate food recognition skills with a cocktail like the Japanese Old Fashioned with Yamazaki 12, agave nectar, and dashes of cardamom & orange.