Italian tapas & wood-fired pizzas in the West Village

Settled into a West Village venue with a "legacy of pizza" (which also happens to be a dope nickname for a Subaru), Sotto 13 is a "social Italian" spot with a date-worthy bar up front, and a split-level dining room featuring wrought iron caging and a skylight which looks up to a weeping willow that gets all lit up at night, although it should realize that's just going to make it sadder come morning

The big wood-fired oven is a cornerstone of both the dining room and the menu, whose pizzas have a slightly thinner crust than you're probably used to (unless you've been sneaking in before they opened and familiarizing yourself with their pizzas) so you can order more than one and "try a bunch of things" like creamy spinach, artichokes & ricotta; Prosciutto di Parma, mozz & arugula; and spicy braised chicken. Tapas, meanwhile, break into categories including cheese (burrata w/ roasted peppers), meat (wood oven meatballs), and seafood (garlic rock shrimp)

They've also worked up a boatload of cocktails including a rum & maple syrup joint, and a green Bloody w/ a celery salt rim & a jumbo shrimp, which also happens to be a dope nickname for your 5-foot-4 buddy Chaz after he eats mad Papa John's in your Outback.