Smoked meat on Bond

Montreal is known for soul-warming cooking, but getting a taste requires advance planning, hours of travel, and a tolerance for people best known for their offensive smell and aloof attitudes: Brooklynites. Thankfully, Mile End is bringing its constantly sold-out, Quebecois-style smoked meat to Manhattan, expanding on the Boerum Hill original's casual delicatessen vibe with a zig-zagging, standing-room-only communal table intended to eliminate the "single eater mentality", as if standing is going to burn enough brisket sandwich calories to get you a girlfriend

Using a well-guarded Judeo-Canadian recipe to cure their brisket before cooking it in specialty smokers, their melting meat's either loaded on rye, or layered onto fries along with cheese curds & mushroom gravy. Other faves making the trip include a Wagyu roast beef au jus w/ horseradish, and the smoked turkey/turkey rillettes/mustard Grandpa, which will stop you from being able to walk uphill in a snowstorm to school, in even one direction. They'll also be rolling out a "slew" of new looks on the permanent menu, from formerly special-only pickled veal tongue (on pumpernickel w/ onion raisin marmalade), to thick-cut grilled duck bologna on "soft, springy rolls", to an English muffin Breakfast Burger (served 'til 4p) whose veal sausage patty's topped with a fried egg, maple syrup, apple butter, and Quebec cheddar, so yeah, you might be loonie for it

Pair it all with Stumptown coffee, or a pour from their new soda program, which'll be whipping up rotating flavors including ginger ale, black cherry, and celery, though no amount of standing will get you only to consume vegetables through soda.