The Worth Kitchen goes brick and mortar

Comodo wasn't actually thought up by a giant lizard with super-deadly saliva and spelling problems, but instead the supper clubbers from Worth Kitchen, who recreated a Spanish dining room with a rustic communal table, and added a semi-open kitchen, which gets somewhat pissed when the kitchen it's dating hooks up with another kitchen.The menu provides a blend of Latin American influences (from Brazilian to Mexican) all "seen through the prism of current New York dining", and kicks off with apps like adobo rock shrimp salad, hibiscus spring rolls w/ fig wine reduction, and lamb sliders on Brazilian cheese bread, so you know that cheese wasn't shaved onto it. Entrees continue the theme with a lamb chop w/ duck-fat-fried fingerlings, scallops topped with a chipotle avocado sauce, duck breast w/ "Classico" sauce, quinoa, and mozz, and Market Fish, also the job description of the guy who tries to get people to buy fish.For booze it's beer, wine, and sake cocktails with boring names like "Flight of the Condor" and "High School Sex", while soon-coming lunch and brunch will include short rib tortas, pork belly hash w/ eggs & rice that's also fried in duck fat, and pulled pork & egg chile relleno w/ homemade BBQ sauce, an inventive dish that sounds like anything but a dragon.