David Burke Bloomingdale's
David Burke Kitchen

New York

DB's first foray downtown focuses on playfully modern "farmhouse American" victuals (escargot-on-bone-marrow "Ants on a Log", swordfish w/ red pepper polenta & duck liver) from inside a lofty, beam-filled space abetted by a multi-tiered outdoor area (complete w/ small dinghy) and a glass-enclosed "treehouse bar", where just your presence will appropriately ensure the total absence of women.

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1. David Burke Bloomingdale's 1000 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022

Food and fashion, typically adversaries, come together at David Burke Bloomingdale's. The result: nom nom nom. Spanning the entirety of 59th Street, restaurateur David Burke opened this bar/cafe in 2005, satisfying shoppers hungry to pop their belts... not just buy one. Menu items include lobster dumplings, big pretzel paninis, pastrami salmon, and the Warm Country Apple Cappuccino (apple cider / brandy / foamed milk). Martini Week Specials: from 5:30p to 8:30p, get a Grey Goose "Not Your Mothers Cosmo" or a Bombay Sapphire "Truffled Gin Gem" with Vermouth for $10 (Note: bar only).

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