Mexican sushi and Japanese tacos on a conveyor belt

It wasn't until recently that people began to combine Japanese and Mexican cuisine, though that's mostly due to the fact that grass was, like, only 10% as powerful a few decades ago. For a joint serving the two in a manner that will make Funyuns look like Boringyuns: Taka Taka.

Originally hailing from Mexico City, the team behind this "Mexican Sushi & Japanese Taco" mashup has taken decor directives from both cultures, resulting in an airy, mod Japanese diner -- complete with a food-delivering conveyor belt that snakes through the booths -- with 3D wooden walls that draw equally on origami and vintage Mexican style, so they should probably be covered in sofffft Corrrinnnthian leatttther? The crazy comestibles coming across said belt are color-coded by price, and include a variety of mixed-up rolls (shrimp w/ mango, chile peppers & cucumber, salmon w/ spinach, cheese, chives & jalapenos...), unagi rice cakes, and sliced baby squid w/ sweet eel sauce (also what enthusiastic surf clams say when they get any eel sauce). Alternately, kitchen creations can be ordered a la carte and are delivered out by super-boring not-machines, but they make up for it by including "sushi bombs" (i.e., rice balls topped with the likes of salmon & jalapeno mayo), tacos from soft-shell crab to lobster tempura, and spicy miso broth'd steak & veggie Shabu Shabu that's heated on the table via cool-to-the-touch magnetic grills.

Drinks are also appropriately multicultural, with sake, tequila, and mezcal all factoring prominently in cocktails, and a Michelada menu amping up both Japanese and Mexican beers w/ lime, "secret salsas", and exotic fruits, though with how powerful grass is these days, even a banana would blow your mind.