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A world champ brings his pies to NY

Becoming a world champ earns you a lifetime of respect, which is why nobody ever messes with Riddick Bowe, Lennox Lewis, Tommy there still a heavyweight division right now? Bringing their world champ pizza to the city, the team behind 900 Degrees

From the duo behind Tony's Pizza Napoletana -- a veritable San Fran institution whose namesake was the first American to ever win Best Neapolitan at the World Pizza Cup -- 900's so dedicated to the art of 'za that it installed numerous types of ovens to accommodate its various pie styles, which include

Napoletana: Wood-fired in the titular 900-degree, Italian-imported oven and rigorously made exclusively from Boot-sourced ingredients, this category features the prize-winning Margherita (only 73 are fired per day), plus toppings like sliced coppa, sweet piquante peppers, and wild arugula, who's always trying to get some sugar from those sweet peppers

Romana: Made using dough that's been allowed to set for two whole days, these thin & crispy 2.5ft long bombs get the brick treatment, and include gut-busters like the white cream sauce-/ garlic-/ meatball-/ more-topped Bruno, unlike Bruno, who prefers to be bottomed...sometimes

Tomato Pies: Appropriately East Coasty, these New York-steezed brick oven joints run from the fresh-pinched-sausage-topped Original, to the 60-day-aged-mozz & housemade penne Village Vodka, though Village denizens are really more well-known for being baked

Americana: Either brick- or wood-fired, these crazy-ass concoctions include the Pizza Campari (goat cheese & pancetta w/ blood orange Campari reduction), the Lamb and Eucalyptus, and the 900 featuring habanero & serrano peppers, agave nectar cactus salsa, and tamarind pulled pork, so delicious you may eat enough to get as "respected" as Buster Douglas.