New 'cue in the Village

Given the general fitness level of its denizens, being really fat in the West Village can make you stand out, though if you're really fat you probably aren't technically "standing" at all. For a West Village fatty standing out for the right reasons, hit Fatty 'Cue

Branching out from their 'burg location, the WV's 'Cue rocks an all-new menu and a less grungy, more upscale man cave vibe thanks to plenty of exposed brick, green leather banquettes & booths, two-tops set w/ orange chairs, and a fixture-lined metal wall, which is definitely powered by AC/DC. The menu brings it right off the bat, with arguably lighter dishes of ham/shrimp jam/butter-topped pretzel bread, fluke crudo touched with smoked seaweed (it is 'cue, after all), salted chilies & housemade buffalo milk cheese, and green chili-curried crushed new potatoes, who probably got that way partying with those loaded skins. And there will be meat sweats: Malaysian honeycomb tripe gets slow-cooked in smoked tomato curry, goat ragu piles onto buttermilk pappardelle, deep-fried coriander bacon w/ salsa verde comes by the half-pound, and larger beasts range from buttermilk-fried half rabbits, to sea urchin-emulsion'd whole roasted turbot, which almost never happened during Hang Tough, or The Wall

On top of house specialties, you can get down on Thai Style Bottle Service to have your liquor dropped tableside w/ your choice of mixers, which can be Basic, or, should you want strawberry Indonesian-peppercorn soda and blood orange-Indian cinnamon tonic, Fatty Style, an appropriate name considering they'll quickly have you unable to stand at all.