Tequila can be a tricky business -- do it right and you're sure to get the party started, but go overboard and you'll end up feeling totally Hagared. Pushing the tequila limits so you don't have to: Teqa

Headed by an Iron Chef alum (and personal chef to Derek Jeter), this ode to tacos & tequila's been done up by the designer behind Avenue to resemble a Mexican-cantina-cum-spaceship (loads of raw wood, cowhide chairs, undulating light fixtures made from copper saucers, and a chandelier resembling a bouquet of tequila bottles), and comes from the scion of a successful fashion family, so he knows a thing or two about getting FCUKed up.

In addition to the 120+ tequilas & mezcals you can grab straight up, worm-centric bevs from a pair of heavyweight mixologists (Contemporary Cocktails, Bobo...) include the Tamarindo Collins, w/ blanco, cinnamon, tamarind soda, and grated nutmeg; the reposado/ Tawny Port/ Guinness/ agave nectar Black Opal; and the reposado-based, maple syrup & pressed pineappled Voodoo Child, which surprisingly doesn't involve Hendrick's.

Fortitudinous food, meanwhile, is highlighted by the taco bar, with predominantly soft shelled options hailing from both the sea (beer battered shrimp w/ roasted tomato, mango salsa'd grilled tilapia...) and the land, including BBQ chicken w/ Cotija, pulled pork & pineapple, and Guinness-braised short ribs, the only quality way for a rib to become a Mc

Those looking to grub heavier can hit the full menu, where you'll find everything from yellowfin Teqa Tartare w/ avocado, cukes, and shallots, to a guac-topped sirloin burger with chorizo & applewood bacon, which won't leave you saying "Why can't this be love?".