A deli for desserts

You can finally get your smush on without worrying about it involving Snooki thanks to this new pop-up joint, which -- for the next three months and possibly a year if your cardiologist is lucky -- will create (sometimes grilled) cookie sandwiches complete with slices of ice cream and other delicious treats that mimic various deli sandwiches, like these: The French Chip: A play on the name of the Jus-ful One, this sucker stuffs two chocolate chunk cookies (the bread) with marshmallow & peanut butter spread (the cheese) and a slice of vanilla ice cream (the other, other white meat?), before topping everything with kettle chips (the, uh... chips).Strawberries on Rye: Should this have been Pastrawberry on Rye? Perhaps. But it's also possible that doesn't make sense either, so you should just know what's involved: the amazing confectionary breakthrough that is French toast cookies, caramel spread, sliced fresh strawberries, and vanilla ice cream.The Hot Cookie Grilled Cheese: To construct this one from scratch, pick some cookies (ranging from white chocolate brownie to peanut butter cup) and throw in your choice of sliced fudge (the cheese), before everything's pressed on a panini grill, which all adds up to a pretty fantastic Situation.