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Rooftop sushi & more, with bridge views

Giving the Upper East Side a Bentley you're actually allowed into: Prime. The two-floor, rooftop-equipped penthouse pop-up gives the feeling that you're in some glamorous NY-based movie that you can't quite remember the name of, but definitely isn't Crocodile Dundee, thanks to dangling orb chandeliers, gilded chairs, fractured mirrors for super-good luck, and massive floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the East River and Queensboro Bridge.The eclectic menu's entirely kosher, but goes well beyond delicious matzoh while splitting into sea- and land-based choices. The latter counts unique sushi rolls with an Italian touch like the seared salmon w/ sun-dried tomato & truffle teriyaki sauce, as well as antipasti plates like toro tartare w/ wasabi olive oil, and lemon mustard aioli-topped, mirin-cured Irish "bio-salmon", which was presumably harvested from the Pauly Shores.Meanwhile, earth-eats come in the form of housemade Italian sausages in a blanket, fried artichokes w/ lemon aioli, Long Island duck sliders, and ribs w/ spicy Korean marinade known as the Bentley Rack, which is definitely allowed into the luxury cars in the UES.