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Jerky kitchen tours and beers

A popular saying holds that nobody wants to see how the sausage is made, but staying in the dark when it comes to jerky can be risky, unless you don't mind falling over in the shower. Learn yourself the delicious secrets, thanks to Kings County Jerky Co

Just expanded into shiny new digs, the duo behind KC's pulling back the curtain on their jerkifying process (developed during years spent using homemade dehydrators made of box fans, air filters, and bungee cords) by inviting you to drop by the showroom, take a tour, and grab a stool in their mod-industrial kitchen, where you can crack some BYO brews and witness their culinary meating of the minds. Behold artisanal, grass-fed flavors, complete with sudsy pairing recs from the proprietor of nearby Luckydog Bar

Classic: The flavors of smoky Spanish paprika, clove, onion, pepper, and dark molasses are best complemented by a sweet ale like Genny Cream, or Stoudts Pils, a German-style pilsner that's "crisper with more hops", which sadly can't be said of Dirk Nowitzki

Bulgogi (Korean BBQ): A low alcohol stout (e.g., Keegan's Mother's Milk) is perfect to offset the spice of the meat, covered with sesame seeds and coated with garlic and red hot chile paste, which has sugar, leaving you to BYO blood, sex, magic

Orange Ginger: The aromatic titular flavors mingle with star anise and Sichuan pepper, a combo they recommend you enjoy with Ommegang Hennepin, Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, or some other Belgian-style white, saison, or wheat beer (do otherwise, and you may be called out for going against the grain)

They're also hoping to host a slew of weekend open houses where all comers'll be afforded jerky samples and keg beer, the very element that made so very many parties sausage.