A burger joint/arcade for superheroes only

Started by a team so into comics they can tell you the plot of each one plastered to the walls like crown molding, Action Burger is both a haven for pop culturists to discuss Manimal, and a place where everybody's invited to eat like one. Brilliantly geeked out with display-cased GI Joe figures and artwork from like-minded locals (Werewolf War, anyone?), the place offers up:

  • A build-your-own option based on Villain Food (secret-spiced burgers dusted in "beer powder", cheesesteaks, crispy chicken...), or Hero Food -- the sort of turkey & veggie options that reaffirm your preference for villains.
  • "Power Ups" like spicy guac, kimchi, bacon & pineapples, plus "Hero Up" cheeses -- make like Perseus, and slay the Gorgonzola.
  • Signature burgers based on characters from an owner's "BIO-Sapien/Bi-Alien" novels & comics, like the Jaden: two turkey patties compressed around a beef patty and topped with three cheeses. Congratulations Jaden on joining the august ranks of fat superheroes!
  • A trio of arcade standups, including one loaded with classics like Mega Man and Strider, good ol' Rygar, and Street Fighter Champion Edition, which you'll play like a Boss.
  • Extra-curriculars including screenings of horror movies & Saturday morning cartoons, and discounts & specials for people who take a picture with a costumed supervillain around the neighborhood -- though defining Manimal as a hero or villain is inappropriate, as in panther form his instincts are neither good nor evil... but you already knew that.

Best. Burger. Joint. Ever.