Rome's best comes to BK

Since 1922, when the famous peoples go to Rome, they've gone to Antica Pesa, and we're talking Zach Braff-level famous... but also DeNiro, Richard Gere, and his wife, Law & Order Assistant District Attorney Jamie Ross. And now very non-famous you can go, because an outpost just opened in Williamsburg with white brick walls, a welcoming lounge with a working fireplace, and a stunner of a dining room with a series of huge white discs dangling from the ceiling.

They strongly encourage taking a traditional Italian route through the menu, starting with appetizers and pasta like prosciutto accompanying a gooey mozz ball wrapped in crusty filo dough, a whole stuffed calamaro w/ horseradish yogurt, housemade spinach gnocchi jammed w/ oven-roasted tomatoes & pesto, and guanciale-topped chitarra alla carbonara, which is a little more delicate than Panthro alla carbonara. After that comes slow roasted pork loin w/ crispy pancetta, market fish in a sunflower & pumpkin seed crust, and truffled "Eggs In A Jacket": sauteed spinach, leek & potato puree & truffle oil in what basically looks like the most delicious fried paper bag since that time you were still hungry after finishing all the San Gennaro zeppoles

The wine list, bizarrely, is extremely Italian, and an array of desserts finishes things off with Winter-spiced panna cotta w/ concord grapes & apples poached in caramel w/ a vanilla biscuit that neither you nor Carey Lowell will have any objections to.