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Like yours, but with fewer Honda CRXs and more pork belly BLTs

Aiming to put "skateboarders and stockbrokers" together in the least awkward way since How To Make It In America, Hope Garage's a "home comfort" resto from a team that's been involved in everything from Ed's Lobster Bar to Santos Party House. This time, they removed the owner's "fancy cars" ('57 Chevy!) from an actual garage, added a concrete bar and a glass-paneled roll-down door, and adorned the walls with a series of works by the street artist Mullet, even though you can party in the front here, too. The til-4a menu counts fancy panko-crusted fish sticks w/ spicy remoulade, a tri-fromage grilled cheese w/ caramelized onions, buffalo wings w/ blue cheese fondue & celery ribbons, and fried Wisconsin cheese curds, which people in Wisconsin call "our nutritional equivalent of kale, basically". In case you're not from the land where they eat life-sized re-creations of Method Man's character from The Wire, you can get after a pork belly BLT, a roasted pork chop w/ apple rosemary puree, cheesy fried polenta & smoked greens, and a selection of sliders with "crispy salted potatoes" -- ok, so apparently they let the stockbrokers name the fries.Vino comes from the Finger Lakes and LI, they pour most of the Brooklyn Brewery roster, and cocktails're mix-'n-matchable with your choice of booze and their housemade syrups, which include cuke-lemongrass, pomegranate, and the forthcoming sugar-maple-bacon -- because when you're drinking bacon in America, you pretty much know you've made it.