Mable's Smokehouse and Banquet Hall

A good roadhouse requires four things: hearty food, good tunes, cheap beer, and a dude who used to f*** guys like you in prison slightly less cheap beers. For a roadside BBQ joint with everything but the Dalton, check out Mable's.

Refurbishing former tonic water factory digs with their own four hands, the husband & wife team behind Mable's stocked their airy, industrial barn-steezed "roadhouse" with long communal tables set with chairs they either built themselves or sourced from flea markets, a giant buck head shot by the owner's cousin, and a central bar lit by hanging rusted buckets, setting the mood for anyone looking to get nailed. Authentically served counter style, most of the down-home victuals're from secret recipes passed down by Grandma Mable herself, from pulled pork and chopped beef brisket sandwiches, to fixins-abetted platters of St. Louis ribs and Schwab's Oklahoma hot links, sparing the world from waiting for Johnny Bench and Jeanne Tripplehorn to finally get it on. The bar scene's kept afloat by taps pumping crafts and hard-to-find OG's like Coors Original Banquet Beer, plus cocktails from mint juleps to spiked cherry limeades, while raising thirst levels're late night bar snacks including State Fair Frito Pie, housemade corn nuts, and (off-menu) pulled pork-filled baked bacon cups, though if your friends see it, don't expect it to protect your hog

There's also an elevated area in the back for private parties and live honky-tonk, because if there's one more thing a good roadhouse needs, it's a blind guitarist to throw your cheap beer at entertainment!