Old World pizza meets new Brooklyn

In an ode to trains the Quad City DJ's would be totally jealous of, BC's an old-timey Park Slope parlor named after the iron horse that rolled down 5th Ave back in the day. The centerpieces: a 1000-degree Ferrara wood burning oven with "Brooklyn Central" spelled out in black and white tiles, an outdoor garden, and 10-seat bar made of wood from an old bowling alley, as if you needed any help striking out at a bar.Before they met at Sottocasa, one of the pizzaiolos put in time at the Spotted Pig and the Breslin, while the other has "basically been making pizza since birth", although the maternity ward likely didn't have the equipment to turn out BC's Neapolitans like the Biancaneve w/ buffalo mozz, cherry tomatoes, basil & sea salt, or the Tartufata w/ mozz, 'shrooms, truffle spread, basil & ham, which you should go, on said pie.They're also hoping to push the Neapolitan limits with a series of "New World" joints that include the North Maple w/ bacon, maple syrup, smoked mozz & pecans, the Colony (inspired by a famous, mega-oily bar pie in Stamford, CT) w/ pepperoni, honey & pickled chilies, and the hearty mozz/ pepperoni/ olives/ mushrooms Wrestler, which surprisingly lacks any Tomei-tos.You can also grab meatballs and oven roasted octopus to start, and pizza churros with Nutella sauce to finish, unless you go for -- get ready for this -- a mother-effing s'mores calzone, after which you will most definitely not feel like dancing. Wooo wooo!