Brooklyn BBQ with some serious twists

Hoping to "further define Brooklyn BBQ", beyond just using some obscure vintage dictionary purchased at a flea market you've never heard of, Fletcher's is the brisket-y baby of a former ad man who became known as BBQ Billy on the nationwide competition BBQ circuit, then hired a former RUB meat maven to man the 2,600 lb pit in this counter service spot with salvaged wood throughout and lighting hung from suspended steel poles.The smoker's burning maple and red oak to low-'n-slow everything from the main-attraction brisket (which they're nice enough to serve with some crackers!), pulled pork shoulder uniquely finished with horseradish-spiked vinegar, and tomato-vinegar glazed St. Louis-cut ribs, or as Kurt Warner likes to call them, "I can't believe Marc Bulger is suddenly better than me" ribs. You can supplement the main meats with rotating slider and taco menus, as well some really interesting twists like char siu pork (basically Chinese spare ribs minus the bag with the fun silver lining on the inside) w/ ginger-hoisin-honey marinade, a pork shoulder banh mi, and the impressively Brooklyn-y smoked salmon w/ maple juniper brine.Appropriately next level sides include a creamy double-cheesed radiatori pasta and smoky bacon baked beans, which you can wash down with bourbon and a host of local craft beers that'll ensure you wake up somewhere no one's ever heard of.Photo Credit: Lori Lovejoy Fletcher