A cabaret, nightclub & classic Italian resto… now with lions

The only place in NY more Over The Top than Lincoln Hawk -- who's not really from any state, because he's from a truck -- Jaguars 3's dropping down on the otherwise industrial shores of Brooklyn on Wednesday. The place is headed by a team of Vegas vets and a chef who helmed the kitchens at the British and Italian embassies (plus Hotel Cipriani in Venice), and promises to bring a sprawling nightlife threesome together under one gloriously jungly, wildlife-filled roof. Here's the breakdown:The Entrance: Before you even get to the upstairs club, sh*t gets wild, transporting you immediately via bamboo-thatched walls, leaf ceiling fans, faux gorilla 'n jaguar statues, and a load of sometimes menacingly exotic sounds like growls, "elephants trumpeting", and waterfalls, though the real TLC is upstairs at...The Nightclub: This massive warehouse-esque joint features leather couches tucked into corners shrouded in wildlife portraits/thatched awnings, a neon glowing u-shaped bar topped by a prowling jungle cat, an elevated bamboo-walled VIP area called the "Lion's Den", and a dance floor/performance area for comedians, house dancers, and aerialists, who'll guarantee everyone gets a hangover.The Restaurant: Elevated above even the nightclub, this white tableclothed refuge features a curtain that retracts during late-night shows and features Asian 'n French-tinged Italian eats like foie gras over grilled ciabatta w/ truffle oil and cherry marmalade, steaks (filet, t-bone for two, sirloin...), and the smoked salmon, caviar, whiskey, and cream-topped Alaska Tagliatelle, which makes all other pastas Palin comparison.The Cabaret: Although not nude (bikinis only), some of the girls here "have serious moves on the pole" and will take you to the curtained-off private lounges that sit adjacent to, no kidding, a Ms. Pac-Man machine, clearly reserved only for those who have what this place is all about: mad game.