The city's first cheesesteak truck

Aiming to make the zooThe Liberty Bell some minx named Liberty at one of their BYO full-nude strip clubs the only thing worth traveling to Philly for, Phil's Steaks is driving the City of Brotherly Love's greatest achievement all over NYC in Manhattan's "first authentic Philly cheesesteak truck jawn".This player on the food truck scene was started by a couple of Philly dudes who hold it self-evident that a "good cheesesteak is like the Mercedes of sandwiches", but quickly realized they couldn't afford to sell them out of an S-Class, and instead settled for a beastly whip painted with both the Philly Skyline, and a cow suggesting you "get your Phil", which no longer requires heading to Bel-Air. Claiming that the first rule of cheesesteaking is you "absolutely need the right rolls", PS secures theirs from PA's famed Amoroso's Baking Company, whose hearth-fired breads are apparently better because "they're made from Philly wooder", a spelling of water that explains why it isn't known as The City of Brothers Who Spell Real Good and Stuff. Speaking of stuffing, said bread's filled with a half-pound of lightly marinated lean Oklahoma steak, which can be topped with sharp provolone, American, or Whiz before getting a dose of hot peppers & onions that makes it "the only thing bigger than Nicki Minaj's butt"...other than yours after you eat it.And should you have any room left, desserts come from their fellow trucksters at the Cupcake Stop, though everyone knows the sweetest Candies are still down in Philly.