A bounty of day-after options

Since most of your actual Turkey Day is spent watching NFL teams defend their turf while you defend your life choices, scope some deliciously easy recipes you can whip up in peace and quiet using glorious, non-judgmental leftovers.

Turkey Shepherd's PieFrom Marc Murphy, Ditch Plains An autumnal take on one of the comfort-iest of foods, this sloppy combination of turkey, gravy, and stuffing gets topped with a requisite mound of cheesy mashed potatoes, though in fairness to Dee Dee Sharp, The Watusi doesn't exactly exude class either.

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Bourbon Pecan Pumpkin Pie MilkshakeFrom Elizabeth Karmel, Hill Country Chicken Even if your mom can't imagine that her pie didn't get totally eaten, this boozy gut-buster combines leftover pumpkin and pecan slices with ice cream and bourbon, so you can cure your own shakes by drinking one.

Eat and drink at the same time thanks to this recipe

Turkey Alambre TacosFrom Julian Medina, Yerba Buena Set off some fireworks for your taste buds by heading South of the border on I-95, buying fireworks, and literally setting them off in your mouth with this simple-yet-spicy recipe, which wraps up leftover turkey, bacon, jalapeno, and fixin's in warm flour tortillas.

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